April 2019

Ventec becomes BMS PowerSafe

St@rtec Developpement becomes the majority shareholder of its “BMS design and production” activity. A new identity comes: BMS PowerSafe is born.

June 2016

May 2016

Creation of Neogy

Since May 2016, Neogy designs and produces autonomous electrical energy production and storage systems.

January 2015

Creation of St@rtec Developpement

In 2015 The St@rtec Developpement was created facilitating the merge of experience of the two companies.

March 2012

Development of Ventec

Since 2012, Ventec will not only focus on Lithium-ion application for electric vehicles, but also on stationary applications.

Therefore, Ventec developped a full range of BMS from 6 to 18S.

Secondly, Ventec decided to lauch its first hybrid board (EMS) for managing hydrogen/battery system and solar/battery systems.

September 2009

Creation of Ventec BMS

Thomas Debuisser, founder and majority shareholder of Clairitec, and Gildo Pallanca Pastor, CEO of Venturi, formalized the creation of “Ventec-Intelligent Battery Management System” a company that offers a new generation of electrical battery management system (iBMS) enabling a safer and a more efficient use of lithium technology.

January 2008

Creation of the HMI’s department

Creation of a department dedicated to all aspects of HMIs at Clairitec. This enables us to meet all the demands of our customers, from simply providing a Software Development Kit (Starter Kit), to personalized support for their graphical and touch HMI project.

January 2007

Range of graphics boards

Now with nearly 10 years of experience, the Company Clairitec decides to develop its own range of graphics boards to design and display graphic and touch Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) on small to medium LCD screens from 2.7 to 12 inches and a resolution from QVGA to SVGA. This new board is named SpiderGraph.

January 2006

ISO 9001 certification

Clairitec receives the ISO 9001 certification, which rewards excellence and continuous improvement established since the creation of the company.

January 2002

Creation of our workshop

The Company moves to Merignac (Gironde, France) and creates a testing and conception workshop for limited series production.

March 1998

Creation of Clairitec

The Company is founded as an electronic engineering research unit by Thomas Debuisser. The headquarters are located in Saint Jean d’Illac (33). Clairitec makes its first electronic studies for companies in Gironde.

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